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    Fasonvibes Flamingo 2.0

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    The Mobile App Flamingo Vibrat*r brings in the most enjoyable experience, even for first-time buyers into this type of products. You will be able to not only use its multiple vibrating patterns and games, but you can also use it with your partner having control over it on the phone.🤳💞

    And Yes, your partner CAN use it even if both are on different States/Countries.

    • Smart Phone App- Works in iOS & Android.
    • Discreet Play-Have fun in private and public
    • Unlimited Pattern creation.
    • Create your own Patterns and share or Experience it with your partner around the glob
    • More than 15 Vibrating games and options.
    • 100% Waterproof.
    • USB Rechargeable.

    Wanna give it a try with babe?💝

    Can you hold the moan?



    Wanna Play the Drums with her? 

    Wireless, Wearable, and Comfortable!

    Use it anytime, anywhere.

    Latest Bluetooth Technology

    The longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators!


    RedDot Award: Product Design

    • Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App.
    • Feel the adrenaline in your body thanks to our wearable vibrat*r Magic Flamingo. Magic Flamingo has been specially designed for couples who like to have s*x in public and women who like to be teased when going out.

    Magic Motion APP play control

    • You can control the vibrations remotely and there are versatile ways including voice control, music beats control, partners' remote control, etc. Different vibration patterns let your partner be jealous of MAGIC MOTION FLAMINGO.

    How do I download the app? 

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